Pressure Washing in Washougal, WA

Remove years of dirt and grime from your home with our help. The team at Rite Size Pest Control and Moss Removal Inc. is proud to offer pressure washing in Washougal, WA. With our trained, skilled, and experienced team, keeping your property clean is a simple and stress-free experience.

Your home is your investment. Let our pressure washing team help you maintain its value by keeping your home and walkways free of dirt and moss. If you’ve noticed the appearance of your home diminishing year after year, then our pressure cleaning services are the perfect solution. From brick and panel siding to driveways and decks, our team has the knowledge and experience to remove grime from even the most unnoticeable places. On top of that, our cleaning services are available on a routine basis via yearly contracts, so you can rest assured that your home is protected from the destructive power of mold, mildew, or heavy moss for years to come.

Taking the Pressure Off Home Maintenance

Dirt, moss, and grime can damage the look, strength, and value of your home. The buildup of these contaminants encourages the growth of harmful mold and bacteria, which compromises the safety of your property. Ignoring the problem doesn’t make it go away--and rainfall only makes things worse. Eventually, the buildup can eat away at the paint and critical surfaces of your home, which will add up to a very costly replacement project.

Don’t let dirt gain the upper hand over your property. Pressure and power washing are great ways to keep your home in great shape. By harnessing the power water, this exterior cleaning method blasts away dirt, grime, and mossy buildup from your home’s surfaces. Routine power washing ensures your home continues to look like new all year long, while also protecting it from premature wear and tear.

Count on our pressure washing crew to keep your home in pristine condition. Our teams utilize advanced equipment and cleaning methods to provide comprehensive service that gets quality results. Our services are highly adaptive. We can provide complete cleaning services to all of your home’s surfaces, or provide spot cleaning to decks, walkways, siding, and more.

The Experienced Home Exterior Services Team

Choose a well-rounded pest control and home maintenance company. We are a fixture in the community, and we are committed to keeping the exterior of your home in stellar shape. From eliminating pest control concerns to removing the moss and muck from your roof and gutters, we are here for you.

Pressure Washing in Washougal, WA

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Contact us and request an estimate for pressure washing services. We serve clients throughout Vancouver, Camas, and Washougal, WA, as well as the Portland, OR, area.